What's in a Name

There are many pitch parties to choose from these days. Whether you are writing for general market, science fiction, or picture books, there's a variety of events that will allow you to pitch your manuscript offering the possibility of connecting with professionals in the publishing industry.

There aren't many terms that encompass our goal better than the word Faith, which is mentioned in the Bible over 300 times. In Hebrew, the word faith is emunah and means support, faithfulness, and firmness. So, as a follower of Christ, Faith is an action and is founded in a steadfast relationship focused on God, on supporting God, on firmly being one with God. While some believe the term Faith is too broad to be used in a name, faith, as we use it in our name is the belief and assurance of a Heavenly Father and His purpose for the writing represented by those who participate.

#FaithPitch is then simply an event that recognizes a writing from a Christian, or biblical, perspective, and the writers who are focused on that type of work and wanting to be represented by, with, or through the sector of the industry that supports that writing, specifically the Christian Book Association's (CBA) market.

Established in the summer of 2016, we launched #FaithPitch as the only pitch party on Twitter specifically focused on fiction and non-fiction written from a biblical or Christian perspective.

Often overlooked in the sea of pitches during an event, #FaithPitch places the spotlight on stories told from a biblical-worldview and allows writers who have chosen to write content from a faith-based position to pitch their completed and edited manuscripts to literary agents and acquisition editors within the 280-character limit used for a tweet on Twitter.

In the three years since we began this venture, we went from hosting one event a year with less than 150 tweets to three events a year with over a thousand or so per event. We also went from having only a handful of industry professionals taking a glance at the feed to having over two dozen agents and editors participating in our event at a variety of times during an event day. And, from each event, connections are being made. Authors are finding representation and books are being signed, edited, and released into the market.


We realize that we may not be a good fit for all styles of writing or all denominations of faith. And, that's okay because that is not our goal. Our focus is not on the numbers, but rather on offering an opportunity for Christian writers to connect with and support one another as they look to go from an unrepresented writer to a published author.

The positive feedback about friendships being made and networks expanding along with the celebratory news that a participant has been selected by an agent or editor makes those three days every year entirely worthwhile. Each time we host this event connections are made, learning takes place, and assistance is given that might not otherwise have happened. That is the confirmation for us that we are filling a void that needs to be filled.

So, we carry on. For those wanting to join us, whether a writer or a publishing professional, our next #FaithPitch event is November 20 from 8am to 8pm Central Standard Time (CST). We look forward to meeting you and connecting you with others on their publishing journey.

After the November event, we will announce our 2020 dates for next February, June, and November. For additional details about how to participate in #FaithPitch, be sure to visit here.

"Now FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen." Hebrews 11:1