Let's #FaithPitch This Fall 2021

Hi! Howdy! Hello! It's almost the end of September, which also means that we are just days away from our second and last event of 2021. We hope that your year has been as safe, healthy, and happy as possible given all the cray-cray that has been happening in the world around us.

After our winter/spring event back in February, we analyzed some of the changed we put into place and decided that some things worked and some things not as much. So, below are the updates for the September 30 event. Please read carefully and plan accordingly.

As a refresher, #FaithPitch is the one-day Twitter Pitch Party hosted specifically for authors of Christian fiction and non-fiction to pitch their finished, edited and unpublished/unagented manuscripts directly to industry professionals. All pitches should be representing manuscripts written for children, tweens, teens, and adults from a biblical or "Christian" worldview.

1) The upcoming #FaithPitch event will take place on Thursday, September 30 from 8am to 8pm Central Time / 9am to 9pm Eastern Time. This is a bit different than in February, where we shortened the times. We are returning to our normal times for the event.

2) You are still able to pitch only and up to three (3) different manuscripts during #FaithPitch, regardless of genre or age group, AND you will still be able to share four (4) pitches per manuscript, but now they must be evenly distributed with two (2) before NOON CT/1pm ET and two (2) before 8pm CT / 9pm ET. This means you are scheduling ONLY 2 pitches in the morning/afternoon hours and ONLY 2 in the afternoon/evening hours.

This also means you should NOT be grouping all four of your manuscript pitches in the morning nor should we see all four of your pitches grouped together for any one manuscript in the evening. We're hoping this will distribute your pitches better throughout the day and allow agents/editors more opportunity to find what you have to offer.

3) We have updated our hashtag list for both fiction and non-fiction. Please review the list and remember that you must have our event tag #FAITHPITCH as well as at least one age or genre hashtag in each pitch posted. The hashtag (#) is necessary to organize the pitches by category for industry pros looking for specific types of titles, and our list is updated for each event. If you do not see a genre category, age group, or hashtag for your manuscript, it may not be a good fit for this particular event.

4) While we have added some additional genre tags for specific to Non-Fiction, we are still not accepting philosophy, political, or satirical manuscript pitches. Non-fiction that is accepted includes devotionals, histories, home and garden, health and wellness, biographies, travel, cookbooks, memoirs, and more. Please review the tag list for specific categories.

5) Remember that only unagented writers may pitch during the event AND only manuscripts that are unpublished, meaning works never available for sale or download, are allowed. If you are already represented, please choose to support your fellow writers by re-tweeting or commenting on pitches.

6) Only agents and editors should HEART a pitch to show interest or a request for a query. If you receive a heart, please be sure to check their submission guidelines (and do your research) before submitting to them.

6) If you are pitching from outside the US, please ensure that you post your pitches within our event dates/times (check your time zones carefully), follow our guidelines, and are seeking representation within the American market. Most, if not all, of our industry professionals are from the US, and of those, not all publish outside the US.

There are many different pitch parties available to writers, and we appreciate your support and participation. We pray for positive connections and networking to take place and hope that as authors have a positive experience as they use this tool to assist in the publishing journey. As always, we will evaluate our processes and revisions annually.

If any of these changes keep you from participating this year, we understand. Please check back next year to review our guidelines. You may DM us via our Twitter account with specific event-focused questions. Thank you!