Happy 2021 ... And All That Jazz

Hi, Hello and Happy New Year, Y'all! We hope that your 2021 is off to a safe, healthy, and writing-filled start. We made it through 2020, thanks to Jesus and no thanks to COVID, and as we evaluate our current growth, we also have to say that we've learned how to be more flexible with our time, communicate more effectively via video, and more understanding of how quickly things sometimes change. This is our new "normal".

During the holiday break and into January, we realized that just as our online community has evolved and grown, so have we, and we needed to make some adjustments to this amazing event that we have been hosting for almost five years. Please read on to see our schedule and guidelines changes and how they might impact your participation.

As a refresher, #FaithPitch is the one-day Twitter Pitch Party hosted specifically for authors of Christian fiction and non-fiction to pitch their finished, edited and unpublished/unagented manuscripts directly to industry professionals. All pitches should be for manuscripts written for children, tweens, teens, and adults from a biblical worldview.

The first change is that we are downsizing our event schedule from three (3) annual events to just two (2) events each year. We are also changing the months we are hosting them in due to feedback from our industry professionals. For 2021, #FaithPitch will take place on Thursday, March 25 and Thursday, September 30. Each of the pitch parties will also now take place in a 10-hour window from 8am - 6pm CT/9am - 7pm ET.

Secondly, you will be able to pitch up to three (3) different manuscripts during #FaithPitch, regardless of genre or age group, AND you will be able to share four (4) pitches per manuscript, but now they must be evenly distributed with two (2) before 1pm CT/2pm ET and two (2) before 6pm CT/7pm ET. This means you are scheduling ONLY 2 pitches in the morning/afternoon hours and ONLY 2 in the afternoon/evening hours.

This also means you should NOT be grouping all four of your manuscript pitches in the morning nor should we see all four of your pitches grouped together for any one manuscript in the evening. We're hoping this will distribute your pitches better throughout the day and allow agents/editors more opportunity to find what you have to offer.

Next, we are adjusting the types of pitches and manuscripts we are including for

Non-Fiction during #FaithPitch. After reviewing hundreds of pitches over the past year, we have made the decision to continue accepting devotionals, histories, biographies, travel & cookbooks, and some how-to or lifestyle guides while removing philosophy, political, autobiographies, memoirs and self-help non-fiction, which are not being actively sought after during the event.

In addition, we feel the need to clarify that only unagented writers may pitch during the event AND only manuscripts that are unpublished, meaning works never available for sale or download, are allowed.

Also, you are welcome to participate if you are outside the US as long as you participate within our event dates/times (check your time zones carefully), follow our guidelines, and are seeking representation within the American market. Most, if not all, of our industry professionals are from the US, and of those, not all publish outside the US.

Lastly, a reminder that your pitch must always utilize the #FaithPitch event hashtag (# not @) as well as well as the correct hashtags for fiction/non-fiction, plus genre/age group. The hashtag (#) is necessary to organize the pitches by category for industry pros looking for specific types of titles, and our list is updated each event. The majority of the literary agents and acquisitions editors that participate represent titles within the Christian Retail Association (CRA), and as such if you do not see a genre category, age group, or hashtag for your manuscript, it may not be a good fit for this particular event.

We know that change is never easy, and these changes will not be perfect for all participants, but due to COVID, feedback from within the industry, and our own organization's needs, these are the changes we are adopting for 2021 for #FaithPitch. As always, we will evaluate our processes and revisions annually. If any of these changes keep you from participating this year, we understand. Please check back next year to review our guidelines. You may DM us via our Twitter account with specific event-focused questions.

We wish you all the best in your publishing journey!