#Faithpitch Coming June 2020

Hello Writers, Literary Agents and Publishing House Editors! It's been a few months since our last online event and much has changed in our world. We are hopeful that you and yours are healthy and safe as we move from spring to summer.

Our next #FaithPitch event will take place on Thursday, June 25 from 8am to 8pm Central Standard Time. Since we know we have some new faces as well as #FaithPitch veterans that will be participating with us, we wanted to be sure we share with you all the important details of participating in a full-fledge #FaithPitch event.

What is #FaithPitch? #FaithPitch is the one-day Twitter Pitch Party specifically hosted for authors to pitch their latest and greatest Christian fiction AND non-fiction manuscript directly to industry professionals using #FaithPitch.

Who Can Participate? This event is open to writers of fiction and non-fiction from a biblical worldview for children, teens, and adults. The manuscripts must be completed and edited and unpublished. The manuscripts must be specifically for the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) market.

When Is The Next Event(s)? We have three events each year. The 2020 events are February 27, June 25, and November 12. Each event takes place from 8am to 8pm Central Time. *Please check your time zone to be sure you post your pitch during the correct times.

Where Do I Post Pitches? This pitch party takes place on Twitter using #FaithPitch plus the correct genre hashtags.

How Do I Participate?

Visit the page on this website for Guidelines, Hashtags, and Content to see how we will conduct the event, which hashtags to use for your manuscript, what genre categories are accepted during the event, and more.

Why Should I Participate? In this day and age, there are variety of new opportunities for writer to support one another and to share completed work. Twitter Pitch Contests have grow over the last few years and there are a variety of choices for authors, whether you write for the general market or specifically write picture books. A pitch party is a terrific opportunity for unpublished, unagented writers to possibly skip the slush pile with a completed manuscript and receiving feedback.

For those wanting to write for the CBA industry, the number of available publishing houses is smaller and the availability of events to meet with industry professionals is more narrow, so finding representation can be challenging.

We hope this event will open the door for writers of all genres to share their fresh, new, and diverse voices and possibly find a home for their stories, characters, and dreams.

Look through this website and learn about our guidelines and then make plans to join us for our summer event on June 25, 2020 from 8am to 8pm CST. Remember - you can only pitch a completed and edited manuscript during the event.

*#FaithPitch is an online event hosted by Little Lamb Books. As the host of this online event and community, we reserve the right to make changes to any or all event details, requirements, and portions at any time before, during, and after the event dates. We also cannot make any guarantees as to the number and identity of those who may participate from the publishing industry. We also cannot make any guarantees that a writer will find representation as a result of this event. Please direct all questions to hello@littlelambbooks.com.