#FaithOverFear Mini-Pitch Fest

Hey Writers! We know we are in unprecedented times during this battle with novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and having to self-quarantine and be wise through social distancing. For some of you, it has been paralyzing and frustrating and quiet. For others, it's been a time to write, invent, brainstorm, and create. BOTH reactions are normal and some of us have experienced waves of both over the past few weeks.

So, we decided, after chatting with a fellow agent, that we needed to come up with a way to support and encourage you. Thus, #FaithOverFear Mini-Pitch Fest has been created. This is a one-time event using our #FaithPItch platform. It will take place March 31, 2020 and will be a bit different than our normal #FaithPitch events, so be sure to carefully read the directions below.

In order to participate, here's the details:

  • Event date is Tuesday, March 31 from 9am to 5pm Central Time.

  • Pitch your idea/manuscript using 280-characters only

  • MUST TAG with #FaithOverFear AND #FaithPitch

  • Pitch only ONE manucript/story idea TWICE - Once in the morning (AM) & Once in the afternoon (PM).

  • Can Pitch ONE (1) Fiction or Non-fiction manuscript-either complete or an incomplete story that needs help/edits/a good nudge.

  • Can be stories for juveniles or adults

  • #FaithPitch participants may heart/like/comment on a pitch they feel is strong, good, interesting, or needed for its intended audience.

  • Must have a completed outline to share with an agent or editor if chosen.

  • Literary Agents & Publishing Editors will pick winners to receive free consultation calls and/or edit session. *No guarantees or promises of representation.

  • Winners will be announced Friday, April 3, 2020.

Pitch Information:

Writing a Concise and Clear pitch will be absolutely necessary since you need to include 2 tags.

Your pitch should be strong. Use action verbs. Consider using third person.

Your idea should have merit and be sellable to the Christian Book Association (CBA) market.

Your pitch should have a strong appeal for readers. Be sure you know who your audience will be.

Your pitch can not only be for completed manuscripts, but it can also be for future/possible projects that you are developing due to the season we currently are in globally due to the Coronavirus.

Event Details:

Event day is March 31 and the time for the event is shorter time than our normal pitch party. We will begin at 9am Central Time and we will end the event at exactly 5pm Central Time. This is important for our participating industry professionals and any posts before or after these times will not be considered.

Industry Pros:

At the end of the event, agents and editors who have volunteered their time will browse the feed for 24 hours and based on the content as well as the number of pitch likes, comments, and their own manuscript wish lists, each participating agent and editor will individually choose a winner of a 30/45/60 minute consultation call and/or manuscript edit for a future date in April or May of this year. Once winners have been selected, further details will be provided

Who will be participating: Currently nine (9) industry professionals have signed-up and we are waiting on replies from several more.

  • Blythe Daniel (The Blythe Daniel Agency)

  • Stephanie Alton (The Blythe Daniel Agency)

  • Jevon Bolden (Embolden Media Group)

  • Kara Miller (Anaiah Press)

  • Stephanie Carter (Teleion Books)

  • Cammie Larsen (Monster Ivy Publishing)

  • Tessa Emily Hall (Illuminate YA)

  • Cyle Young (C.Y.L.E., a literary agency)

  • Rachel Pellegrino (Little Lamb Books)

A reminder that this event is completely voluntary and does not guarantee representation or publication by a literary agency or publishing house. Participants who take part in this contest do so at their own discretion and within the guidelines set forth by the host. Neither #FaithPitch hosts nor industry professionals are held liable in any way.