Are YOU Read to #FaithPitch?

#FaithPitch is a faith-based pitch party on Twitter where writers tweet a 140-character pitch for their completed, edited, unpublished FICTION-only manuscripts.

And, it’s happening TOMORROW!

Here are the specifics:

February 28, 2017 (8AM – 8PM CST).140-characters, include #FaithPitch and # fiction category.Genre & Age Category hashtags can be found on

Only completed & unpublished FICTION manuscripts.You have 6 pitches…yep, you read that correctly…SIX pitches, worded the same or worded differently and scheduled for different times of the day so that you don’t have them all clumped together. Maybe think of it like this: rise and shine, tweet, breakfast, tweet, work out, drive to work, snack, tweet, lunch, tweet, nap, wake-up, tweet, dinner, watch a show, tweet, goodnight. Sounds fun, huh?If you get a favorite/heart from an agent or editor, you should research the him/her/it and follow their submission guidelines.

Not a Good Fit. Don’t Submit. It’s Okay.Check the @Faith_Pitch Twitter feed for special instructions and updates and to say hello.Make sure to write #FaithPitch Request: Title of manuscript on the submission subject lineDon’t tweet agents directly before, during, or after. Use Good Social Manners. Be Kind.Let us know if you get a like/heart/favorite and if you sign with an agent or editor so we can celebrate with you!

*Disclaimer: While we invite close to 70 agents and editors to participate, please be aware, we cannot guarantee who will attend, and never know what agents, editors, or publishing representatives will be viewing on the hashtag on the day of or the days that follow. Be sure to stay professional, be patient, do your homework, and make sure you research anyone requesting a submission. You might get a few likes the day of the event or you might not get any…but you don’t know who might check out the feed later and find you.

If you’re not sure how this works or what to write for your pitch, a good idea would be to look through old pitch party pitches by searching the hashtag on Twitter. Be specific and look at those with either a similar age category, topic, or genre as yours. View what pitches received likes and which ones did not.

What stands out to you…and what doesn’t.What catches your attention…and what doesn’t.Which pitch makes you want to read that book…and which ones don’t.

Now, make sure you write a pitch that jumps off the screen and into the minds of the agents and editors watching the #FaithPitch event. We’re wishing all those participating a great night of sleep, and a great day tweeting manuscripts tomorrow! We wish we could give you all great big HUGS!