We Say Thank You!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for participating in the second #FaithPitch Event!

It was a busy day, and I hope that everyone enjoyed their time on the feed reading some really good pitches for quite a few interesting manuscripts.

Whenever you launch something new, it can take a little bit for folks to learn about it and choose to participate, but we were so happy to interact during the day with over 40 authors pitching their stories throughout the day.

We also can confirm that there were 10 different agents and publishers who were hearting and monitoring the feed as well as about 2-3 who chose to watch from the sidelines. We appreciate each one taking time from their day to visit us, get to know our authors, and ask for submissions! We can’t wait to hear about the connections and partnerships created from this event. One of my last posts on the feed was to let everyone know that some agents and publishers might return to visit the pitch feed, so don’t be suprised if someone reaches out to you a few days/weeks/even a month after the event.

While our initial numbers might seem a bit small, when we look back at where we were last year and where we ended this year, there was approximately a 70% increase in pitches, agent participation, and author participation compared to the June 2016 event. This gets us very excited for our next #FaithPitch happening on June 28, 2017!

There were a few “offenders” posting more than allowed or trying to sell an already published book, which was why I tweeted the rules and hashtags again at the halfway mark and also reached out to them to request that they walk away. There were also some gimmicky folks trying to cash in on the event who were blocked.

We always learn as we work through an event, and while the feed was moving well and there was plenty of time to read pitches as they appeared on the feed, there will probably be a few adjustments made regarding the number of times you can pitch the same manuscript during the day and some guidelines on including images/stills/videos, etc. So, stay tuned to our blog and the #FaithPitch posts on Twitter and Facebook as we get closer to the June Twitter Party.

The next #FaithPitch event will be June 28, 2017 from 8am to 8pm CStT.

As we prepare for the next event, we want to hear what worked or didn’t work for you guys. Please share your thoughts and comments about last week’s event if you have a moment. What would you do differently? Was there enough promotion leading up to the event? What did you enjoy about #FaithPitch? We are always looking for agents, editors, and authors to partner with and connect with to make this event an epic success!

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for attending the first #FaithPitch event of 2017 last Tuesday! #FaithPitch would not be successful without you guys! We can’t wait to see you again in June! Keep Writing. Keep Creating. Keep Sharing. Keep Inspiring.

Until Next Time,


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