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What is #FaithPitch?

#FaithPitch is a one-day Twitter Pitch Party hosted specifically for authors looking for representation within the Christian Retail Association (CRA) market, whether with a literary agent or directly with a publishing house. #FaithPitch invites authors to pitch their most complete and best edited fiction AND non-fiction manuscripts directly to industry professionals using #FaithPitch.

Who Can Participate?

Writers of fiction and non-fiction from a biblical worldview for babies, children, tweens and teens, new adults, and adults. The manuscripts must be completed, edited, and unpublished in any format. The manuscripts should be written for the CRA market/audience.

When Are The Next Event(s)?

Starting in 2021, #FaithPitch will take place twice a year. The 2021 dates are:

  • Thursday, March 25, 2021 from 8am to 6pm CT/9 am to 7pm ET

  • Thursday, September 30, 2021 from 8am to 8pm CT/9am to 7pm ET

Where Do I Post Pitches?

This pitch party takes place on Twitter using the tag, #FaithPitch, plus correct genre hashtags for your fiction manuscript or #NF to identify non-fiction. Writers are encouraged to add the age category so everyone knows who they’re writing for and to add at least one (1) genre hashtag as the character count allows. Everyone has 280-characters (or less) to pitch their manuscript.

Why Should I Participate?

We know that in the CRA, or Christian Retail Association, finding representation can be challenging. A Twitter Pitch Party is a terrific opportunity for unpublished & unagented writers to possibly skip the slush pile (with a completed and edited manuscript) and receive feedback.

How Do I Make the Most of This Opportunity?

Good Question. Here are some basic participation guidelines:

1) This event is for unpublished, unrepresented work and unagented writers. You may not pitch previously published work, regardless of sales or market, and you may already be signed with an agent.


2) Tweet pitches only for finished, edited, and unpublished fiction or non-fiction manuscripts. Not just an idea/outline. If you are pitching non-fiction, you should have a completed and ready-to-send proposal. If you're work isn't ready, please plan to participate in our next scheduled event.

3) A pitch is one (1) Tweet, or up to 280-characters, per completed manuscript. Not two or three, just one. You can pitch the same manuscript four (4) different times during the event. You may pitch up to three (3) different manuscripts throughout the day. 3 manuscripts, 4 times each=12 pitches.

4) Each participant may tweet TWO (2) pitches before noon CT/1 pm ET and TWO (2) pitches before 8 pm CT/9 pm ET. That's two pitches in the morning and two pitches in the afternoon/evening. DO NOT PITCH ALL YOUR PITCHES AT ONE TIME! Create variations of your pitch (Twitter does not allow tweets exactly the same) and spread them out between the start and end times of each event (Central Time).  Do not create a thread-no extra info in the comments. A pitch is one (1) tweet.


5) Your pitch must include the contest hashtag #FaithPitch as well as at least one additional hashtags for either your age group, genre, and category (fiction or non-fiction). The hashtag (#) is necessary to organize the pitches by category for industry pros looking for specific types of titles.

6) Review the hashtag list regularly and carefully to see what genres and age groups to use. We will update this as needed. 

7) Do NOT Attach Photos/Graphics/Illustrations/Art, unless you're an author-illustrator pitching an unpublished picture book or graphic novel (only 1 image for picture books & graphic novels are allowed). No links and no ads for services, published books, storytelling platforms, writing groups, etc.

8) Please refrain from using curse words or foul/abusive language in your tweets and pitches. There are always better words to express emphasis and get your point across, regardless of whether it's an adjective or a chapter title. If we see these words, we will ask you to remove them. 

9) Hearts=favorites/likes and are only to be used by the industry pros when they desire to see more from an author. You can quote (QT) or retweet (RT) with a comment to show support of a friend or a particular pitch.

10) If you receive a heart (favorite/like) by an agent or editor, RESEARCH them prior to sending your query. Do your due diligence by finding them in the 2021 Christian Market Guide, Google the company, visit the company website and view their submissions guidelines. Make sure they’re legitimate BEFORE you send a reply to someone requesting your work. You don’t have to submit to anyone if you don’t want to work with them.

11) Do not tweet or tag agents or publishers directly unless they reach out/tweet you first. Some will post guidelines the day of and some will tell you when they favorite your tweet what they want, but if you don’t see it listed, follow the guidelines posted on their business website.

12) Be sure to include “#FaithPitch Request:TITLE” in the subject line when you email an agent/editor your requested material…unless they ask for something different.

13) If you can’t participate the day of the event, utilize Hootesuite, Coschedule, Buffer, Tweetdeck, etc. to schedule your pitches into the feed ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT (not the day before or day after).

14) Be professional and polite in all interactions with each other and all professionals always (even if you decide to not query a pro).


15) Pitches/Comments/Posts will be deleted if they have inappropriate images, use foul language, or are abusive or derogatory about the event, those hosting, or industry professionals participating in our event.


16) If you see spam tweets or anyone abusing our feed, please report it to Twitter AND notify us right away.


*If you are a participant of #FaithPitch and you sign with an agent or editor, please be sure to let us know via a DM to @Faith_Pitch. We are gathering matches and book deals made through #FaithPitch, and would love to celebrate with you and share your exciting news with others!

If you have any questions or concerns, the best way to reach us is through a DM or post @Faith_Pitch.