For Agents and Editors

Hi! Howdy! Hello! Welcome to #FaithPitch!
  • All literary agents and acquisition editors of faith-based fiction and non-fiction, whether for kids or adults, are welcome to participate.
  •  As a participant, we are thrilled to have you and have a few notes to help you this year:
  • You can find our pitches by searching for #FaithPitch on Twitter. You can also include age category or genre hashtags to narrow your search. To exclude a hashtag, put a minus (-) in front of it.

  • Be sure to click the “Latest” tab if you’re searching on Twitter, to see all tweets in real-time.

  • You can let authors know you’re interested by clicking the Like (Heart/Favorite) button on individual tweets/pitches.

  • Whether you favorite one or more than one submission, please relay your submission guidelines using our hashtag and/or Twitter handle. This way authors know who you are, when you arrive, and how to query you.

  • If you prefer to have a writer DM you on Twitter, please be sure you set your privacy settings accordingly.

  • If the day gets away from you, you are always welcome to make requests after the event ends or over the next few days.

  • There may be spam/unseemly posts on the hashtag during our event. Please feel free to block and report them. And, if you do find a pitch or other post using our hashtag that you feel does not meet our requirements, please let us know.

  •  Writers are encouraged to research and do their own due diligence in deciding whether or not to send requested materials to an agent or editor to ensure a good fit for them and their project.

  • If you sign an author, please let us know the book title, genre, and author name so we can celebrate you both!

  • The best way to reach us with questions or concerns throughout the day is to DM us @Faith_Pitch.

  • We truly appreciate you joining #FaithPitch. Thank you for your time!