The Twitter Pitch Party Specifically for Writers of Christian Fiction and Non-Fiction

Thank you for visiting us! Our #FaithPitch community is growing all the time and we welcome you to learn more about our upcoming events! We update our website and guidelines regularly, so even if you participated previously, be sure you read all the way through our #FaithPitch guidelines to find the specific rules and helpful tidbits for each of our one-day events.

FaithPitch is for fiction and non-fiction written from a Christian worldview, that means stories based on biblical values, principles, and perspectives. This online-only event takes place on Twitter via the hashtag #FaithPitch. Our Twitter feed @Faith_Pitch is a good place to ask questions prior to or during the event, and it is also where we’ll share updates, news, and community encouragement as well as

the start and finish of each event.

The majority of the literary agents and acquisition editors who choose to participate are generally looking for work to be sold in the Christian Retail market. We understand and welcome participants from various denominations and points-of-view even within this niche market. We remain dedicated to hosting a positive and respectful event that is encouraging and supportive.

Disclaimers: We did not create this concept nor are we the only pitch party out there. There are many opportunities available for writers to participate in monthly, quarterly, and annually for all genres, sub-genres, age categories. A Twitter pitch party is an additional tool for your author toolbox. We do not and cannot guarantee how many industry professionals or which ones will choose to follow us during any of our events. Authors and pros are invited to attend as schedules allow on specified dates and times as scheduled.

Our Success Stories

Janine Rosche

I got my 3-book deal with a major publisher

thanks to #FaithPitch.

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Chad Pettite

I was discovered by my publisher through #FaithPitch and it has been incredible!

Melony Teague

I got my publishing contract through #FaithPitch ...

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